Exploring the human-environment connection: Rurality, ecology and social well-being

Special Issue of Rural Society

Volume 23 Issue 2 February 2014

pages ISBN 978-1-921980-29-9

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Guest editors: Shelby Gull Laird (Environmental Sciences, Charles Sturt University) and Angela Wardell-Johnson (Sustainability Research Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast)

Exploring the complex nature that exists between humans and their physical environment is the topic of this exciting special issue from Rural Society.

Articles explore the nexus between the well-being of individuals, communities and environments. Disciplinary approaches include human geography, environmental sociology, ecopsychology, policy studies, planning, cultural studies and other perspectives which advance knowledge in human-nature-animal relations using high quality social science research methodology - qualitative, quantitative and mixed.

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Consuming Rural Spaces: the turn towards leisure and lifestyle pursuits in rurality
Volume 24/2
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Rural Community Wellbeing
Volume 23/3

Exploring the human-environment connection: Rurality, ecology and social well-being
Volume 23/2
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Resource Extraction in Australia
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Mediating Rural and Regional Societies
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Energy and rurality: Socio-historical perspectives on changing production and consumption
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Rural Health
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Rural Mental Health
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Sea Changes, Tree Changes and Bush Lessons: Post-compulsory Education and Rural Renewal
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Water and Gender
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Social Capital in a Rural Context
Volume 17/3
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Rural Governance in Australia: Changing Forms and Emerging Actors
Volume 16/3
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Rural Social Work Practice
Volume 15/3
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Human Services and Rural Communities
Volume 14/3
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Arts and Culture in Rural, Regional and Remote Australia
Volume 13/3
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Information and Communication Technology
Volume 12/3
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Agriculture, Food and Public Policy Issues for a New Century
Volume 11/3
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Rural and Regional History
Volume 10/2
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Women and Rural Issues
Volume 8/3
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