Volume 23 Issue 2 - 2014

Exploring the human-environment connection: Rurality, ecology and social well-being

114-116 Editorial: Exploring the human–environment connection: Rurality, ecology and social well-being
Shelby Gull Laird, Angela Wardell-Johnson, Angela T Ragusa
117-132 What is it like to take care of the land? Towards an understanding of private land conservation
Michael Drescher
133-150 Citizen-led, comprehensive land use planning in New York’s Adirondack Park
Ann H Ruzow Holland
151-160 'Knowing me, knowing you': Exploring the effects of a rural leadership program on community resilience
Wendy Madsen, Cathy O’Mullan
161-174 ‘Not a local win’: Rural Australian perceptions of the sustainable impacts of forest plantations
Evonne Miller, Laurie Buys
175-187 Ecological connections: Reimagining the role of farmers’ markets
Bethaney Turner, Cathy Hope
188-197 Motivations for retention and mobility: Pathways of skilled migrants in regional Victoria, Australia
Naduni Wickramaarachchi, Andrew Butt
198-205 Critical review essay: Sustaining native biodiversity through conservation and nature-friendly farming
Ndungi wa Mungai

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Exploring the human-environment connection: Rurality, ecology and social well-being
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