News values and country non-daily news reporting: The online revolution's impact


The use of digital technology, as a platform and as a news-gathering tool, has revolutionised journalism. Although there has been much written on the impact of online technology on large news organizations (often equated to journalism in general) there has been very little on how regional newspapers have dealt with the revolution.

This paper compares news values and news-gathering practices in regional non-daily Australian newspapers between the pre- and post-digital era. As its point of comparison, this paper uses an analysis conducted in 2000 of regional non-daily news outlets that found the country press faced unique issues and challenges, and even held entirely different news values from their metropolitan counterparts.

By replicating the methodology used in 2000 - a close reading of 40 editions from 10 different Victorian regional non-daily newspapers, and in depth interviews with their editors - this paper investigates change and continuity in country non-daily news gathering, news values and news presentation since the on-line revolution.


Josie Vine
School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, Melbourne VIC


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country journalism; regional news; news values; online reporting


PP: 158 - 171

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